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任天  About half-an-hour afterwards they all came up in a body astern ofus, and so near that we could easily discern what they were, thoughwe could not tell their design; and I easily found they were someof my old friends, the same sort of savages that I had been used toengage with. In a short time more they rowed a little farther outto sea, till they came directly broadside with us, and then roweddown straight upon us, till they came so near that they could hearus speak; upon this, I ordered all my men to keep close, lest theyshould shoot any more arrows, and made all our guns ready; butbeing so near as to be within hearing, I made Friday go out uponthe deck, and call out aloud to them in his language, to know whatthey meant. Whether they understood him or not, that I knew not;but as soon as he had called to them, six of them, who were in theforemost or nighest boat to us, turned their canoes from us, andstooping down, showed us their naked backs; whether this was adefiance or challenge we knew not, or whether it was done in merecontempt, or as a signal to the rest; but immediately Friday criedout they were going to shoot, and, unhappily for him, poor fellow,they let fly about three hundred of their arrows, and to myinexpressible grief, killed poor Friday, no other man being intheir sight. The poor fellow was shot with no less than threearrows, and about three more fell very near him; such unluckymarksmen they were!

堂电提现I had a great many discourses with them about their circumstanceswhen they were among the savages. They told me readily that theyhad no instances to give of their application or ingenuity in thatcountry; that they were a poor, miserable, dejected handful ofpeople; that even if means had been put into their hands, yet theyhad so abandoned themselves to despair, and were so sunk under theweight of their misfortune, that they thought of nothing butstarving. One of them, a grave and sensible man, told me he wasconvinced they were in the wrong; that it was not the part of wisemen to give themselves up to their misery, but always to take holdof the helps which reason offered, as well for present support asfor future deliverance: he told me that grief was the mostsenseless, insignificant passion in the world, for that it regardedonly things past, which were generally impossible to be recalled orto be remedied, but had no views of things to come, and had noshare in anything that looked like deliverance, but rather added tothe affliction than proposed a remedy; and upon this he repeated aSpanish proverb, which, though I cannot repeat in the same wordsthat he spoke it in, yet I remember I made it into an Englishproverb of my own, thus:-任天堂电玩城提现玩城

任天"In trouble to be troubled,Is to have your trouble doubled."堂电提现任天堂电玩城提现玩城He then ran on in remarks upon all the little improvements I hadmade in my solitude: my unwearied application, as he called it;and how I had made a condition, which in its circumstances was atfirst much worse than theirs, a thousand times more happy thantheirs was, even now when they were all together. He told me itwas remarkable that Englishmen had a greater presence of mind intheir distress than any people that ever he met with; that theirunhappy nation and the Portuguese were the worst men in the worldto struggle with misfortunes; for that their first step in dangers,after the common efforts were over, was to despair, lie down underit, and die, without rousing their thoughts up to proper remediesfor escape.任天堂电提现I told him their case and mine differed exceedingly; that they werecast upon the shore without necessaries, without supply of food, orpresent sustenance till they could provide for it; that, it wastrue, I had this further disadvantage and discomfort, that I wasalone; but then the supplies I had providentially thrown into myhands, by the unexpected driving of the ship on the shore, was sucha help as would have encouraged any creature in the world to haveapplied himself as I had done. "Seignior," says the Spaniard, "hadwe poor Spaniards been in your case, we should never have got halfthose things out of the ship, as you did: nay," says he, "weshould never have found means to have got a raft to carry them, orto have got the raft on shore without boat or sail: and how muchless should we have done if any of us had been alone!" Well, Idesired him to abate his compliments, and go on with the history oftheir coming on shore, where they landed. He told me theyunhappily landed at a place where there were people withoutprovisions; whereas, had they had the common sense to put off tosea again, and gone to another island a little further, they hadfound provisions, though without people: there being an islandthat way, as they had been told, where there were provisions,though no people - that is to say, that the Spaniards of Trinidadhad frequently been there, and had filled the island with goats andhogs at several times, where they had bred in such multitudes, andwhere turtle and sea-fowls were in such plenty, that they couldhave been in no want of flesh, though they had found no bread;whereas, here they were only sustained with a few roots and herbs,which they understood not, and which had no substance in them, andwhich the inhabitants gave them sparingly enough; and they couldtreat them no better, unless they would turn cannibals and eatmen's flesh.

玩城任天They gave me an account how many ways they strove to civilise thesavages they were with, and to teach them rational customs in theordinary way of living, but in vain; and how they retorted uponthem as unjust that they who came there for assistance and supportshould attempt to set up for instructors to those that gave themfood; intimating, it seems, that none should set up for theinstructors of others but those who could live without them. Theygave me dismal accounts of the extremities they were driven to; howsometimes they were many days without any food at all, the islandthey were upon being inhabited by a sort of savages that lived moreindolent, and for that reason were less supplied with thenecessaries of life, than they had reason to believe others were inthe same part of the world; and yet they found that these savageswere less ravenous and voracious than those who had better suppliesof food. Also, they added, they could not but see with whatdemonstrations of wisdom and goodness the governing providence ofGod directs the events of things in this world, which, they said,appeared in their circumstances: for if, pressed by the hardshipsthey were under, and the barrenness of the country where they were,they had searched after a better to live in, they had then been outof the way of the relief that happened to them by my means.堂电提现Though our men were able to fight them upon all occasions, yet theywere in no condition to pursue them, or hunt them up and down; foras they were too nimble of foot for our people when they found themsingle, so our men durst not go abroad single, for fear of beingsurrounded with their numbers. The best was they had no weapons;for though they had bows, they had no arrows left, nor anymaterials to make any; nor had they any edge-tool among them. Theextremity and distress they were reduced to was great, and indeeddeplorable; but, at the same time, our men were also brought tovery bad circumstances by them, for though their retreats werepreserved, yet their provision was destroyed, and their harvestspoiled, and what to do, or which way to turn themselves, they knewnot. The only refuge they had now was the stock of cattle they hadin the valley by the cave, and some little corn which grew there,and the plantation of the three Englishmen. Will Atkins and hiscomrades were now reduced to two; one of them being killed by anarrow, which struck him on the side of his head, just under thetemple, so that he never spoke more; and it was very remarkablethat this was the same barbarous fellow that cut the poor savageslave with his hatchet, and who afterwards intended to havemurdered the Spaniards.



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