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娱乐  They described how they were astonished at the sight of the reliefI sent them, and at the appearance of loaves of bread - things theyhad not seen since their coming to that miserable place; how oftenthey crossed it and blessed it as bread sent from heaven; and whata reviving cordial it was to their spirits to taste it, as also theother things I had sent for their supply; and, after all, theywould have told me something of the joy they were in at the sightof a boat and pilots, to carry them away to the person and placefrom whence all these new comforts came. But it was impossible toexpress it by words, for their excessive joy naturally driving themto unbecoming extravagances, they had no way to describe them butby telling me they bordered upon lunacy, having no way to give ventto their passions suitable to the sense that was upon them; that insome it worked one way and in some another; and that some of them,through a surprise of joy, would burst into tears, others be starkmad, and others immediately faint. This discourse extremelyaffected me, and called to my mind Friday's ecstasy when he met hisfather, and the poor people's ecstasy when I took them up at seaafter their ship was on fire; the joy of the mate of the ship whenhe found himself delivered in the place where he expected toperish; and my own joy, when, after twenty-eight years' captivity,I found a good ship ready to carry me to my own country. All thesethings made me more sensible of the relation of these poor men, andmore affected with it.

平台评级娱乐在线平台评级娱乐Upon this discourse, however, and their promising, as above, toendeavour to persuade their wives to embrace Christianity, hemarried the two other couple; but Will Atkins and his wife were notyet come in. After this, my clergyman, waiting a while, wascurious to know where Atkins was gone, and turning to me, said, "Ientreat you, sir, let us walk out of your labyrinth here and look;I daresay we shall find this poor man somewhere or other talkingseriously to his wife, and teaching her already something ofreligion." I began to be of the same mind; so we went outtogether, and I carried him a way which none knew but myself, andwhere the trees were so very thick that it was not easy to seethrough the thicket of leaves, and far harder to see in than to seeout: when, coming to the edge of the wood, I saw Atkins and histawny wife sitting under the shade of a bush, very eager indiscourse: I stopped short till my clergyman came up to me, andthen having showed him where they were, we stood and looked verysteadily at them a good while. We observed him very earnest withher, pointing up to the sun, and to every quarter of the heavens,and then down to the earth, then out to the sea, then to himself,then to her, to the woods, to the trees. "Now," says theclergyman, "you see my words are made good, the man preaches toher; mark him now, he is telling her that our God has made him,her, and the heavens, the earth, the sea, the woods, the trees,&c." - "I believe he is," said I. Immediately we perceived WillAtkins start upon his feet, fall down on his knees, and lift upboth his hands. We supposed he said something, but we could nothear him; it was too far for that. He did not continue kneelinghalf a minute, but comes and sits down again by his wife, and talksto her again; we perceived then the woman very attentive, butwhether she said anything to him we could not tell. While the poorfellow was upon his knees I could see the tears run plentifullydown my clergyman's cheeks, and I could hardly forbear myself; butit was a great affliction to us both that we were not near enoughto hear anything that passed between them. Well, however, we couldcome no nearer for fear of disturbing them: so we resolved to seean end of this piece of still conversation, and it spoke loudenough to us without the help of voice. He sat down again, as Ihave said, close by her, and talked again earnestly to her, and twoor three times we could see him embrace her most passionately;another time we saw him take out his handkerchief and wipe hereyes, and then kiss her again with a kind of transport veryunusual; and after several of these things, we saw him on a suddenjump up again, and lend her his hand to help her up, whenimmediately leading her by the hand a step or two, they bothkneeled down together, and continued so about two minutes.

平台评级娱乐My friend could bear it no longer, but cries out aloud, "St. Paul!St. Paul! behold he prayeth." I was afraid Atkins would hear him,therefore I entreated him to withhold himself a while, that wemight see an end of the scene, which to me, I must confess, was themost affecting that ever I saw in my life. Well, he strove withhimself for a while, but was in such raptures to think that thepoor heathen woman was become a Christian, that he was not able tocontain himself; he wept several times, then throwing up his handsand crossing his breast, said over several things ejaculatory, andby the way of giving God thanks for so miraculous a testimony ofthe success of our endeavours. Some he spoke softly, and I couldnot well hear others; some things he said in Latin, some in French;then two or three times the tears would interrupt him, that hecould not speak at all; but I begged that he would contain himself,and let us more narrowly and fully observe what was before us,which he did for a time, the scene not being near ended yet; forafter the poor man and his wife were risen again from their knees,we observed he stood talking still eagerly to her, and we observedher motion, that she was greatly affected with what he said, by herfrequently lifting up her hands, laying her hand to her breast, andsuch other postures as express the greatest seriousness andattention; this continued about half a quarter of an hour, and thenthey walked away, so we could see no more of them in thatsituation.娱乐在线平台评级平台评级娱乐I took this interval to say to the clergyman, first, that I wasglad to see the particulars we had both been witnesses to; that,though I was hard enough of belief in such cases, yet that I beganto think it was all very sincere here, both in the man and hiswife, however ignorant they might both be, and I hoped such abeginning would yet have a more happy end. "But, my friend," addedI, "will you give me leave to start one difficulty here? I cannottell how to object the least thing against that affectionateconcern which you show for the turning of the poor people fromtheir paganism to the Christian religion; but how does this comfortyou, while these people are, in your account, out of the pale ofthe Catholic Church, without which you believe there is nosalvation? so that you esteem these but heretics, as effectuallylost as the pagans themselves."平台评级

娱乐To this he answered, with abundance of candour, thus: "Sir, I am aCatholic of the Roman Church, and a priest of the order of St.Benedict, and I embrace all the principles of the Roman faith; butyet, if you will believe me, and that I do not speak in complimentto you, or in respect to my circumstances and your civilities; Isay nevertheless, I do not look upon you, who call yourselvesreformed, without some charity. I dare not say (though I know itis our opinion in general) that you cannot be saved; I will by nomeans limit the mercy of Christ so far as think that He cannotreceive you into the bosom of His Church, in a manner to usunperceivable; and I hope you have the same charity for us: I praydaily for you being all restored to Christ's Church, by whatsoevermethod He, who is all-wise, is pleased to direct. In the meantime,surely you will allow it consists with me as a Roman to distinguishfar between a Protestant and a pagan; between one that calls onJesus Christ, though in a way which I do not think is according tothe true faith, and a savage or a barbarian, that knows no God, noChrist, no Redeemer; and if you are not within the pale of theCatholic Church, we hope you are nearer being restored to it thanthose who know nothing of God or of His Church: and I rejoice,therefore, when I see this poor man, who you say has been aprofligate, and almost a murderer kneel down and pray to JesusChrist, as we suppose he did, though not fully enlightened;believing that God, from whom every such work proceeds, willsensibly touch his heart, and bring him to the further knowledge ofthat truth in His own time; and if God shall influence this poorman to convert and instruct the ignorant savage, his wife, I cannever believe that he shall be cast away himself. And have I notreason, then, to rejoice, the nearer any are brought to theknowledge of Christ, though they may not be brought quite home intothe bosom of the Catholic Church just at the time when I desire it,leaving it to the goodness of Christ to perfect His work in His owntime, and in his own way? Certainly, I would rejoice if all thesavages in America were brought, like this poor woman, to pray toGod, though they were all to be Protestants at first, rather thanthey should continue pagans or heathens; firmly believing, that Hethat had bestowed the first light on them would farther illuminatethem with a beam of His heavenly grace, and bring them into thepale of His Church when He should see good."平台评级娱乐



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