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娱乐  He gave me a most diverting account of his life, and of the manyextraordinary events of it; of many adventures which had befallenhim in the few years that he had been abroad in the world; andparticularly, it was very remarkable, that in the voyage he was nowengaged in he had had the misfortune to be five times shipped andunshipped, and never to go to the place whither any of the ships hewas in were at first designed. That his first intent was to havegone to Martinico, and that he went on board a ship bound thitherat St. Malo; but being forced into Lisbon by bad weather, the shipreceived some damage by running aground in the mouth of the riverTagus, and was obliged to unload her cargo there; but finding aPortuguese ship there bound for the Madeiras, and ready to sail,and supposing he should meet with a ship there bound to Martinico,he went on board, in order to sail to the Madeiras; but the masterof the Portuguese ship being but an indifferent mariner, had beenout of his reckoning, and they drove to Fayal; where, however, hehappened to find a very good market for his cargo, which was corn,and therefore resolved not to go to the Madeiras, but to load saltat the Isle of May, and to go away to Newfoundland. He had noremedy in this exigence but to go with the ship, and had a prettygood voyage as far as the Banks (so they call the place where theycatch the fish), where, meeting with a French ship bound fromFrance to Quebec, and from thence to Martinico, to carryprovisions, he thought he should have an opportunity to completehis first design, but when he came to Quebec, the master of theship died, and the vessel proceeded no further; so the next voyagehe shipped himself for France, in the ship that was burned when wetook them up at sea, and then shipped with us for the East Indies,as I have already said. Thus he had been disappointed in fivevoyages; all, as I may call it, in one voyage, besides what I shallhave occasion to mention further of him.

平台四虎娱乐平台登录登录He was surprised to see me and the supercargo in the boat with nomore than two men; and though he was glad that we were well, yet hewas in the same impatience with us to know what was doing; for thenoise continued, and the flame increased; in short, it was next toan impossibility for any men in the world to restrain theircuriosity to know what had happened, or their concern for thesafety of the men: in a word, the captain told me he would go andhelp his men, let what would come. I argued with him, as I didbefore with the men, the safety of the ship, the danger of thevoyage, the interests of the owners and merchants, &c., and toldhim I and the two men would go, and only see if we could at adistance learn what was likely to be the event, and come back andtell him. It was in vain to talk to my nephew, as it was to talkto the rest before; he would go, he said; and he only wished he hadleft but ten men in the ship, for he could not think of having hismen lost for want of help: he had rather lose the ship, thevoyage, and his life, and all; and away he went.

娱乐平台I was no more able to stay behind now than I was to persuade themnot to go; so the captain ordered two men to row back the pinnace,and fetch twelve men more, leaving the long-boat at an anchor; andthat, when they came back, six men should keep the two boats, andsix more come after us; so that he left only sixteen men in theship: for the whole ship's company consisted of sixty-five men,whereof two were lost in the late quarrel which brought thismischief on.四虎娱乐平台登录登录娱乐Being now on the march, we felt little of the ground we trod on;and being guided by the fire, we kept no path, but went directly tothe place of the flame. If the noise of the guns was surprising tous before, the cries of the poor people were now quite of anothernature, and filled us with horror. I must confess I was never atthe sacking a city, or at the taking a town by storm. I had heardof Oliver Cromwell taking Drogheda, in Ireland, and killing man,woman, and child; and I had read of Count Tilly sacking the city ofMagdeburg and cutting the throats of twenty-two thousand of allsexes; but I never had an idea of the thing itself before, nor isit possible to describe it, or the horror that was upon our mindsat hearing it. However, we went on, and at length came to thetown, though there was no entering the streets of it for the fire.The first object we met with was the ruins of a hut or house, orrather the ashes of it, for the house was consumed; and just beforeit, plainly now to be seen by the light of the fire, lay four menand three women, killed, and, as we thought, one or two more lay inthe heap among the fire; in short, there were such instances ofrage, altogether barbarous, and of a fury something beyond what washuman, that we thought it impossible our men could be guilty of it;or, if they were the authors of it, we thought they ought to beevery one of them put to the worst of deaths. But this was notall: we saw the fire increase forward, and the cry went on just asthe fire went on; so that we were in the utmost confusion. Weadvanced a little way farther, and behold, to our astonishment,three naked women, and crying in a most dreadful manner, cameflying as if they had wings, and after them sixteen or seventeenmen, natives, in the same terror and consternation, with three ofour English butchers in the rear, who, when they could not overtakethem, fired in among them, and one that was killed by their shotfell down in our sight. When the rest saw us, believing us to betheir enemies, and that we would murder them as well as those thatpursued them, they set up a most dreadful shriek, especially thewomen; and two of them fell down, as if already dead, with thefright.平台

登录My very soul shrunk within me, and my blood ran chill in my veins,when I saw this; and, I believe, had the three English sailors thatpursued them come on, I had made our men kill them all; however, wetook some means to let the poor flying creatures know that we wouldnot hurt them; and immediately they came up to us, and kneelingdown, with their hands lifted up, made piteous lamentation to us tosave them, which we let them know we would: whereupon they creptall together in a huddle close behind us, as for protection. Ileft my men drawn up together, and, charging them to hurt nobody,but, if possible, to get at some of our people, and see what devilit was possessed them, and what they intended to do, and to commandthem off; assuring them that if they stayed till daylight theywould have a hundred thousand men about their ears: I say I leftthem, and went among those flying people, taking only two of ourmen with me; and there was, indeed, a piteous spectacle among them.Some of them had their feet terribly burned with trampling andrunning through the fire; others their hands burned; one of thewomen had fallen down in the fire, and was very much burned beforeshe could get out again; and two or three of the men had cuts intheir backs and thighs, from our men pursuing; and another was shotthrough the body and died while I was there.娱乐平台



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