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娱乐优惠  They gave me an account how many ways they strove to civilise thesavages they were with, and to teach them rational customs in theordinary way of living, but in vain; and how they retorted uponthem as unjust that they who came there for assistance and supportshould attempt to set up for instructors to those that gave themfood; intimating, it seems, that none should set up for theinstructors of others but those who could live without them. Theygave me dismal accounts of the extremities they were driven to; howsometimes they were many days without any food at all, the islandthey were upon being inhabited by a sort of savages that lived moreindolent, and for that reason were less supplied with thenecessaries of life, than they had reason to believe others were inthe same part of the world; and yet they found that these savageswere less ravenous and voracious than those who had better suppliesof food. Also, they added, they could not but see with whatdemonstrations of wisdom and goodness the governing providence ofGod directs the events of things in this world, which, they said,appeared in their circumstances: for if, pressed by the hardshipsthey were under, and the barrenness of the country where they were,they had searched after a better to live in, they had then been outof the way of the relief that happened to them by my means.

平台娱乐平台最新优惠活动最新I was sensibly touched with this discourse, and told him hisinference was so just, and the whole design seemed so sincere, andwas really so religious in its own nature, that I was very sorry Ihad interrupted him, and begged him to go on; and, in the meantime,because it seemed that what we had both to say might take up sometime, I told him I was going to the Englishmen's plantations, andasked him to go with me, and we might discourse of it by the way.He told me he would the more willingly wait on me thither, becausethere partly the thing was acted which he desired to speak to meabout; so we walked on, and I pressed him to be free and plain withme in what he had to say.

活动娱乐优惠"Why, then, sir," said he, "be pleased to give me leave to lay downa few propositions, as the foundation of what I have to say, thatwe may not differ in the general principles, though we may be ofsome differing opinions in the practice of particulars. First,sir, though we differ in some of the doctrinal articles of religion(and it is very unhappy it is so, especially in the case before us,as I shall show afterwards), yet there are some general principlesin which we both agree - that there is a God; and that this Godhaving given us some stated general rules for our service andobedience, we ought not willingly and knowingly to offend Him,either by neglecting to do what He has commanded, or by doing whatHe has expressly forbidden. And let our different religions bewhat they will, this general principle is readily owned by us all,that the blessing of God does not ordinarily follow presumptuoussinning against His command; and every good Christian will beaffectionately concerned to prevent any that are under his careliving in a total neglect of God and His commands. It is not yourmen being Protestants, whatever my opinion may be of such, thatdischarges me from being concerned for their souls, and fromendeavouring, if it lies before me, that they should live in aslittle distance from enmity with their Maker as possible,especially if you give me leave to meddle so far in your circuit."娱乐平台最新优惠活动平台最新I could not yet imagine what he aimed at, and told him I grantedall he had said, and thanked him that he would so far concernhimself for us: and begged he would explain the particulars ofwhat he had observed, that like Joshua, to take his own parable, Imight put away the accursed thing from us.活动

娱乐优惠"Why, then, sir," says he, "I will take the liberty you give me;and there are three things, which, if I am right, must stand in theway of God's blessing upon your endeavours here, and which I shouldrejoice, for your sake and their own, to see removed. And, sir, Ipromise myself that you will fully agree with me in them all, assoon as I name them; especially because I shall convince you, thatevery one of them may, with great ease, and very much to yoursatisfaction, be remedied. First, sir," says he, "you have herefour Englishmen, who have fetched women from among the savages, andhave taken them as their wives, and have had many children by themall, and yet are not married to them after any stated legal manner,as the laws of God and man require. To this, sir, I know, you willobject that there was no clergyman or priest of any kind to performthe ceremony; nor any pen and ink, or paper, to write down acontract of marriage, and have it signed between them. And I knowalso, sir, what the Spaniard governor has told you, I mean of theagreement that he obliged them to make when they took those women,viz. that they should choose them out by consent, and keepseparately to them; which, by the way, is nothing of a marriage, noagreement with the women as wives, but only an agreement amongthemselves, to keep them from quarrelling. But, sir, the essenceof the sacrament of matrimony" (so he called it, being a Roman)"consists not only in the mutual consent of the parties to take oneanother as man and wife, but in the formal and legal obligationthat there is in the contract to compel the man and woman, at alltimes, to own and acknowledge each other; obliging the man toabstain from all other women, to engage in no other contract whilethese subsist; and, on all occasions, as ability allows, to providehonestly for them and their children; and to oblige the women tothe same or like conditions, on their side. Now, sir," says he,"these men may, when they please, or when occasion presents,abandon these women, disown their children, leave them to perish,and take other women, and marry them while these are living;" andhere he added, with some warmth, "How, sir, is God honoured in thisunlawful liberty? And how shall a blessing succeed your endeavoursin this place, however good in themselves, and however sincere inyour design, while these men, who at present are your subjects,under your absolute government and dominion, are allowed by you tolive in open adultery?"平台最新When all was ready we set sail for Achin, in the island of Sumatra,and from thence to Siam, where we exchanged some of our wares foropium and some arrack; the first a commodity which bears a greatprice among the Chinese, and which at that time was much wantedthere. Then we went up to Saskan, were eight months out, and onour return to Bengal I was very well satisfied with my adventure.Our people in England often admire how officers, which the companysend into India, and the merchants which generally stay there, getsuch very great estates as they do, and sometimes come home worthsixty or seventy thousand pounds at a time; but it is little matterfor wonder, when we consider the innumerable ports and places wherethey have a free commerce; indeed, at the ports where the Englishships come there is such great and constant demands for the growthof all other countries, that there is a certain vent for thereturns, as well as a market abroad for the goods carried out.



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