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象网址  One of the Scots merchants of Moscow happened to be amongst us; andas soon as he heard the horn, he told us that we had nothing to dobut to charge them without loss of time; and drawing us up in aline, he asked if we were resolved. We told him we were ready tofollow him; so he rode directly towards them. They stood gazing atus like a mere crowd, drawn up in no sort of order at all; but assoon as they saw us advance, they let fly their arrows, whichmissed us, very happily. Not that they mistook their aim, buttheir distance; for their arrows all fell a little short of us, butwith so true an aim, that had we been about twenty yards nearer wemust have had several men wounded, if not killed.

娱乐I shall only add a word or two concerning my honest Popishclergyman, for let their opinion of us, and all other heretics ingeneral, as they call us, be as uncharitable as it may, I verilybelieve this man was very sincere, and wished the good of all men:yet I believe he used reserve in many of his expressions, toprevent giving me offence; for I scarce heard him once call on theBlessed Virgin, or mention St. Jago, or his guardian angel, thoughso common with the rest of them. However, I say I had not theleast doubt of his sincerity and pious intentions; and I am firmlyof opinion, if the rest of the Popish missionaries were like him,they would strive to visit even the poor Tartars and Laplanders,where they have nothing to give them, as well as covet to flock toIndia, Persia, China, &c., the most wealthy of the heathencountries; for if they expected to bring no gains to their Churchby it, it may well be admired how they came to admit the ChineseConfucius into the calendar of the Christian saints.万象娱乐备用网址备用

象网址A ship being ready to sail for Lisbon, my pious priest asked meleave to go thither; being still, as he observed, bound never tofinish any voyage he began. How happy it had been for me if I hadgone with him. But it was too late now; all things Heaven appointsfor the best: had I gone with him I had never had so many thingsto be thankful for, and the reader had never heard of the secondpart of the travels and adventures of Robinson Crusoe: so I musthere leave exclaiming at myself, and go on with my voyage. Fromthe Brazils we made directly over the Atlantic Sea to the Cape ofGood Hope, and had a tolerably good voyage, our course generallysouth-east, now and then a storm, and some contrary winds; but mydisasters at sea were at an end - my future rubs and cross eventswere to befall me on shore, that it might appear the land was aswell prepared to be our scourge as the sea.娱乐万象娱乐备用网址备用Our ship was on a trading voyage, and had a supercargo on board,who was to direct all her motions after she arrived at the Cape,only being limited to a certain number of days for stay, bycharter-party, at the several ports she was to go to. This wasnone of my business, neither did I meddle with it; my nephew, thecaptain, and the supercargo adjusting all those things between themas they thought fit. We stayed at the Cape no longer than wasneedful to take in-fresh water, but made the best of our way forthe coast of Coromandel. We were, indeed, informed that a Frenchman-of-war, of fifty guns, and two large merchant ships, were gonefor the Indies; and as I knew we were at war with France, I hadsome apprehensions of them; but they went their own way, and weheard no more of them.象网址娱乐I shall not pester the reader with a tedious description of places,journals of our voyage, variations of the compass, latitudes,trade-winds, &c.; it is enough to name the ports and places whichwe touched at, and what occurred to us upon our passages from oneto another. We touched first at the island of Madagascar, where,though the people are fierce and treacherous, and very well armedwith lances and bows, which they use with inconceivable dexterity,yet we fared very well with them a while. They treated us verycivilly; and for some trifles which we gave them, such as knives,scissors, &c., they brought us eleven good fat bullocks, of amiddling size, which we took in, partly for fresh provisions forour present spending, and the rest to salt for the ship's use.

备用象网址We were obliged to stay here some time after we had furnishedourselves with provisions; and I, who was always too curious tolook into every nook of the world wherever I came, went on shore asoften as I could. It was on the east side of the island that wewent on shore one evening: and the people, who, by the way, arevery numerous, came thronging about us, and stood gazing at us at adistance. As we had traded freely with them, and had been kindlyused, we thought ourselves in no danger; but when we saw thepeople, we cut three boughs out of a tree, and stuck them up at adistance from us; which, it seems, is a mark in that country notonly of a truce and friendship, but when it is accepted the otherside set up three poles or boughs, which is a signal that theyaccept the truce too; but then this is a known condition of thetruce, that you are not to pass beyond their three poles towardsthem, nor they to come past your three poles or boughs towards you;so that you are perfectly secure within the three poles, and allthe space between your poles and theirs is allowed like a marketfor free converse, traffic, and commerce. When you go there youmust not carry your weapons with you; and if they come into thatspace they stick up their javelins and lances all at the firstpoles, and come on unarmed; but if any violence is offered them,and the truce thereby broken, away they run to the poles, and layhold of their weapons, and the truce is at an end.娱乐



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