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透超图We were twenty-five days travelling to Pekin, through a countryexceeding populous, but I think badly cultivated; the husbandry,the economy, and the way of living miserable, though they boast somuch of the industry of the people: I say miserable, if comparedwith our own, but not so to these poor wretches, who know no other.The pride of the poor people is infinitely great, and exceeded bynothing but their poverty, in some parts, which adds to that whichI call their misery; and I must needs think the savages of Americalive much more happy than the poorer sort of these, because as theyhave nothing, so they desire nothing; whereas these are proud andinsolent and in the main are in many parts mere beggars anddrudges. Their ostentation is inexpressible; and, if they can,they love to keep multitudes of servants or slaves, which is to thelast degree ridiculous, as well as their contempt of all the worldbut themselves.大乐透超长版全部走势图长版

全部I must confess I travelled more pleasantly afterwards in thedeserts and vast wildernesses of Grand Tartary than here, and yetthe roads here are well paved and well kept, and very convenientfor travellers; but nothing was more awkward to me than to see sucha haughty, imperious, insolent people, in the midst of the grossestsimplicity and ignorance; and my friend Father Simon and I used tobe very merry upon these occasions, to see their beggarly pride.For example, coming by the house of a country gentleman, as FatherSimon called him, about ten leagues off the city of Nankin, we hadfirst of all the honour to ride with the master of the house abouttwo miles; the state he rode in was a perfect Don Quixotism, beinga mixture of pomp and poverty. His habit was very proper for amerry-andrew, being a dirty calico, with hanging sleeves, tassels,and cuts and slashes almost on every side: it covered a taffetyvest, so greasy as to testify that his honour must be a mostexquisite sloven. His horse was a poor, starved, hobblingcreature, and two slaves followed him on foot to drive the poorcreature along; he had a whip in his hand, and he belaboured thebeast as fast about the head as his slaves did about the tail; andthus he rode by us, with about ten or twelve servants, going fromthe city to his country seat, about half a league before us. Wetravelled on gently, but this figure of a gentleman rode awaybefore us; and as we stopped at a village about an hour to refreshus, when we came by the country seat of this great man, we saw himin a little place before his door, eating a repast. It was a kindof garden, but he was easy to be seen; and we were given tounderstand that the more we looked at him the better he would bepleased. He sat under a tree, something like the palmetto, whicheffectually shaded him over the head, and on the south side; butunder the tree was placed a large umbrella, which made that partlook well enough. He sat lolling back in a great elbow-chair,being a heavy corpulent man, and had his meat brought him by twowomen slaves. He had two more, one of whom fed the squire with aspoon, and the other held the dish with one hand, and scraped offwhat he let fall upon his worships beard and taffety vest.走势大乐透超长版全部走势图大乐Leaving the poor wretch to please himself with our looking at him,as if we admired his idle pomp, we pursued our journey. FatherSimon had the curiosity to stay to inform himself what dainties thecountry justice had to feed on in all his state, which he had thehonour to taste of, and which was, I think, a mess of boiled rice,with a great piece of garlic in it, and a little bag filled withgreen pepper, and another plant which they have there, somethinglike our ginger, but smelling like musk, and tasting like mustard;all this was put together, and a small piece of lean mutton boiledin it, and this was his worships repast. Four or five servantsmore attended at a distance, who we supposed were to eat of thesame after their master. As for our mandarin with whom wetravelled, he was respected as a king, surrounded always with hisgentlemen, and attended in all his appearances with such pomp, thatI saw little of him but at a distance. I observed that there wasnot a horse in his retinue but that our carriers packhorses inEngland seemed to me to look much better; though it was hard tojudge rightly, for they were so covered with equipage, mantles,trappings, &c., that we could scarce see anything but their feetand their heads as they went along.透超图长版I was now light-hearted, and all my late trouble and perplexitybeing over, I had no anxious thoughts about me, which made thisjourney the pleasanter to me; in which no ill accident attended me,only in passing or fording a small river, my horse fell and made mefree of the country, as they call it - that is to say, threw me in.The place was not deep, but it wetted me all over. I mention itbecause it spoiled my pocket-book, wherein I had set down the namesof several people and places which I had occasion to remember, andwhich not taking due care of, the leaves rotted, and the words werenever after to be read.

全部走势At length we arrived at Pekin. I had nobody with me but the youthwhom my nephew had given me to attend me as a servant and whoproved very trusty and diligent; and my partner had nobody with himbut one servant, who was a kinsman. As for the Portuguese pilot,he being desirous to see the court, we bore his charges for hiscompany, and for our use of him as an interpreter, for heunderstood the language of the country, and spoke good French and alittle English. Indeed, this old man was most useful to useverywhere; for we had not been above a week at Pekin, when he camelaughing. "Ah, Seignior Inglese," says he, "I have something totell will make your heart glad." - "My heart glad," says I; "whatcan that be? I dont know anything in this country can either giveme joy or grief to any great degree." - "Yes, yes," said the oldman, in broken English, "make you glad, me sorry." - "Why," said I,"will it make you sorry?" - "Because," said he, "you have broughtme here twenty-five days journey, and will leave me to go backalone; and which way shall I get to my port afterwards, without aship, without a horse, without PECUNE?" so he called money, beinghis broken Latin, of which he had abundance to make us merry with.In short, he told us there was a great caravan of Muscovite andPolish merchants in the city, preparing to set out on their journeyby land to Muscovy, within four or five weeks; and he was sure wewould take the opportunity to go with them, and leave him behind,to go back alone.大乐



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