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纬无插  IT was in the latitude of 27 degrees 5 minutes N., on the 19th dayof March 1694-95, when we spied a sail, our course SE. and by S.We soon perceived it was a large vessel, and that she bore up tous, but could not at first know what to make of her, till, aftercoming a little nearer, we found she had lost her main-topmast,fore-mast, and bowsprit; and presently she fired a gun as a signalof distress. The weather was pretty good, wind at NNW. a freshgale, and we soon came to speak with her. We found her a ship ofBristol, bound home from Barbadoes, but had been blown out of theroad at Barbadoes a few days before she was ready to sail, by aterrible hurricane, while the captain and chief mate were both goneon shore; so that, besides the terror of the storm, they were in anindifferent case for good mariners to bring the ship home. Theyhad been already nine weeks at sea, and had met with anotherterrible storm, after the hurricane was over, which had blown themquite out of their knowledge to the westward, and in which theylost their masts. They told us they expected to have seen theBahama Islands, but were then driven away again to the south-east,by a strong gale of wind at NNW., the same that blew now: andhaving no sails to work the ship with but a main course, and a kindof square sail upon a jury fore-mast, which they had set up, theycould not lie near the wind, but were endeavouring to stand awayfor the Canaries.

体育The old man found me a little confused, and under some concern whenhe named a Dutch ship, and said to me, "Sir, you need be under noapprehensions of the Dutch; I suppose they are not now at war withyour nation?" - "No," said I, "that's true; but I know not whatliberties men may take when they are out of the reach of the lawsof their own country." - "Why," says he, "you are no pirates; whatneed you fear? They will not meddle with peaceable merchants,sure." These words put me into the greatest disorder and confusionimaginable; nor was it possible for me to conceal it so, but theold man easily perceived it.纬来体育无插件直播纬无插

体育"Sir," says he, "I find you are in some disorder in your thoughtsat my talk: pray be pleased to go which way you think fit, anddepend upon it, I'll do you all the service I can." Upon this wefell into further discourse, in which, to my alarm and amazement,he spoke of the villainous doings of a certain pirate ship that hadlong been the talk of mariners in those seas; no other, in a word,than the very ship he was now on board of, and which we had sounluckily purchased. I presently saw there was no help for it butto tell him the plain truth, and explain all the danger and troublewe had suffered through this misadventure, and, in particular, ourearnest wish to be speedily quit of the ship altogether; for whichreason we had resolved to carry her up to Nankin.纬无插纬来体育无插件直播体育The old man was amazed at this relation, and told us we were in theright to go away to the north; and that, if he might advise us, itshould be to sell the ship in China, which we might well do, andbuy, or build another in the country; adding that I should meetwith customers enough for the ship at Nankin, that a Chinese junkwould serve me very well to go back again, and that he wouldprocure me people both to buy one and sell the other. "Well, but,seignior," said I, "as you say they know the ship so well, I may,perhaps, if I follow your measures, be instrumental to bring somehonest, innocent men into a terrible broil; for wherever they findthe ship they will prove the guilt upon the men, by proving thiswas the ship." - "Why," says the old man, "I'll find out a way toprevent that; for as I know all those commanders you speak of verywell, and shall see them all as they pass by, I will be sure to setthem to rights in the thing, and let them know that they had beenso much in the wrong; that though the people who were on board atfirst might run away with the ship, yet it was not true that theyhad turned pirates; and that, in particular, these were not the menthat first went off with the ship, but innocently bought her fortheir trade; and I am persuaded they will so far believe me as atleast to act more cautiously for the time to come."纬无插体育In about thirteen days' sail we came to an anchor, at the south-west point of the great Gulf of Nankin; where I learned by accidentthat two Dutch ships were gone the length before me, and that Ishould certainly fall into their hands. I consulted my partneragain in this exigency, and he was as much at a loss as I was. Ithen asked the old pilot if there was no creek or harbour which Imight put into and pursue my business with the Chinese privately,and be in no danger of the enemy. He told me if I would sail tothe southward about forty-two leagues, there was a little portcalled Quinchang, where the fathers of the mission usually landedfrom Macao, on their progress to teach the Christian religion tothe Chinese, and where no European ships ever put in; and if Ithought to put in there, I might consider what further course totake when I was on shore. He confessed, he said, it was not aplace for merchants, except that at some certain times they had akind of a fair there, when the merchants from Japan came overthither to buy Chinese merchandises. The name of the port I mayperhaps spell wrong, having lost this, together with the names ofmany other places set down in a little pocket-book, which wasspoiled by the water by an accident; but this I remember, that theChinese merchants we corresponded with called it by a differentname from that which our Portuguese pilot gave it, who pronouncedit Quinchang. As we were unanimous in our resolution to go to thisplace, we weighed the next day, having only gone twice on shorewhere we were, to get fresh water; on both which occasions thepeople of the country were very civil, and brought abundance ofprovisions to sell to us; but nothing without money.

纬无插体育We did not come to the other port (the wind being contrary) forfive days; but it was very much to our satisfaction, and I wasthankful when I set my foot on shore, resolving, and my partnertoo, that if it was possible to dispose of ourselves and effectsany other way, though not profitably, we would never more set footon board that unhappy vessel. Indeed, I must acknowledge, that ofall the circumstances of life that ever I had any experience of,nothing makes mankind so completely miserable as that of being inconstant fear. Well does the Scripture say, "The fear of manbrings a snare"; it is a life of death, and the mind is so entirelyoppressed by it, that it is capable of no relief.纬无插Two of us then waited at the door, expecting that another wouldcome out to see what the matter was; but we waited so long till thethird man came back to us; and then nobody coming out, we knockedagain gently, and immediately out came two more, and we served themjust in the same manner, but were obliged to go all with them, andlay them down by the idol some distance from one another; when,going back, we found two more were come out of the door, and athird stood behind them within the door. We seized the two, andimmediately tied them, when the third, stepping back and cryingout, my Scots merchant went in after them, and taking out acomposition we had made that would only smoke and stink, he setfire to it, and threw it in among them. By that time the otherScotsman and my man, taking charge of the two men already bound,and tied together also by the arm, led them away to the idol, andleft them there, to see if their idol would relieve them, makinghaste back to us.



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